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On location: Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead, London

Welcome to Hampstead...  This is where it all happened  : (

Here's the school. Talk about a prison :-/ And then to make it doubly horrible, add in the "after school programmes" they were running :-/


C C Hampstead Church Cottage

Published March 1, 2015

Hampstead CC "Lady of the House"

Published February 28, 2015

Hampstead CC London

Published February 25, 2015

Hampstead Parochial Church of England Primary School

This is the other school that has/had children involved in the Ritual Sexual Abuse and Child Sacrifice Cult in Hampstead...

It all looks nice and "normal"...  Nothing to see here...

Former Hampstead London resident saw some VERY STRANGE THINGS !!

CCN Director Mel Ve: Anonymous Hampstead expose is plausibly real – Citizens must now take action

Published on Feb 26, 2015
by Alfred Lambremont Webre

 VIDEO – CCN Director Mel Ve: Anonymous Hampstead expose is plausibly real – Citizens must now take action

This is what Mel Ve noticed about Hamptead London, when she lived there from 2002-2007:

"There is a pattern in the people who lived around there to engage in energy manipulation."  

"There is a large number of Jewish people who live there - in Golders Green."

"We would come across some very secluded areas on Hampstead Heath - stones placed in circles and stone altars. They looked like there was some sort of ritual going on."


"Kenwood House:  there are very large Gothic houses situated around the edge of the heath."

Mel Ve defines this as "illuminati architecture" and felt that most likely there would be some kind of ritual activity going on within it.

"The 'Spaniard's Inn' is in the location. This is where Bram Stoker wrote his book "Dracula". A lot of the action in the book is set in Highgate cemetery. There have been strange creatures seen in the cemetery."

"The 'Jimmy Saville' saga is only a distraction from the REAL darkness and evilness going on there."

"Christ Church is not the only church where this sort of thing is going on. I'm convinced other churches are involved as well."

"During the time I lived there, one of the churches was in lock-down with a police cordon. A lot of bodies had been found in the church grounds that appeared to have been killed ritually."

"There are a lot of strange deaths that happen in Hampstead."

"A man lived down the road who the neighbours said was tortured in his own home."

"A famous photographer was found drowned..."

"Something is going on in that place."

"At another pub in the area called "The Freemason's Arms", had a downstairs area that was 200 years old. It was not accessible, but we had seen people go into the basement part. I am convinced this was a Freemason's meeting house."

"There is a lot of very interesting things going on in the area."

"I don't think what's happened at the school is isolated at all. I think this is a symptom of a much bigger problem."

"I think it's much deeper than what they're saying."

"The Jewish area is in the north of Hampstead Heath, Highgate and Golders Green..."

"A Jewish man told me they take children they kill in Talmudic rituals and they put them into McDonald's burgers. Isn't it ironic that now McDonald's is all a part of this?"


"From Parliament Hill [part of Hampstead Heath] you can look all the way across to Crystal Palace."

"I don't think Parliament Hill is a natural hill; I think it's a burial mound.  If not, it has certainly been used for these ritual activities in the past.  This massive hill overlooks the whole of London. To me, it says a lot about what this area is actually all about."

"To be in a position of power, there has to be an element of corruptibility about you.  They will find that thing to manipulate you with... otherwise you would never get put in there."

"I sued three different companies for sexual harrassment. Three times I lost. Only 3% of cases come out with a win. They sweep it under the carpet and then find a way for this cultural conditioning to become socially acceptable."

"That's what I found when I was living in London... malicious, subversive degradation of people... Only 3% of people have their sexual harassment or abuse claims end in their favour. People look the other way."

"There is a lot of cognitive dissonance."

"Within certain communities, there is a clique. Only those involved know about it. And for them to get away with it, they must have everyone in the bag."

"Even at the hospital, there are a lot of things going on that need to be brought into transparency. Even the doctors and hospital staff must be in on the whole thing."

- Mel Ve

Note:  Alfred apparently didn't listen to the video where it said the only children who are involved in these Ritual Abuse Circles, such as the one at Christ Church Primary School (CE), are prostituted by PARENTS who are AGREEABLE to their children being abused like this. All of those other 20 children at Christ Church Primary had identifying tattoos.  A & G didn't have these tatoos, because their mother is not a member of those ritual abuse circles. 


Hampstead Abuse: Negligent/Incompetent Authorities

Published on Feb 26, 2015

Please Sign The Petition:

Peaceful Demo April 11th Trafalgar Square to Parliament:

The occult driven Hollywood has used many of its films to implicate adverse and subliminal messages to the viewers. In the Spain centered movie, Pan's Lambyrinth, we see a young child trying to escape her surroundings by finding a fantasy world where she falls in love with a goat-like creature that lives inside of a labyrinth. The goat-like creature is named Pan, which is named after the pagan god of lust, orgy, and pedofilia also symbolized as a goat.

FAILURE: "NO DUTY OF CARE" - UK Home Secretary Theresa May

"It is not simply a crime that has occurred in the past but it is occurring in the present."  - Theresa May, October 13, 2014.

"We have a once in a generation opportunity to do something that is HUGELY important. TOGETHER, we can expose what has gone wrong in the past. We can prevent it going wrong in the future. We can make sure people who thought they were beyond the reach of the law, face justice."  - Theresa May, November 3, 2014.

Westminster child abuse The Secretary of State for the Home Department 13 Oct 2014
Published on Oct 14, 2014

PEDOPHILIA DEBATE House of Commons Debates 13 October 2014... The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mrs Theresa May) PEDOPHILIA DEBATE

Home Secretary Theresa May inquiry into historical child abuse
Published on Oct 14, 2014

Child sex abuse inquiry.

Additional video. This is a very good discussion (below) 1:20:00

This is ESSENTIAL LISTENING !!  - particularly if you are wanting to use the promises of the Child Sexual Abuse inquiry as leverage to look into the issue of current child sexual abuse cases such as the Christ Church School CE, Hampstead London, where no less than 20 primary school children have been abused sexually, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, physically...  ALL of these children (current survivors) NEED a voice.  This Inquiry could be such a place for the CURRENT abuse cases to be heard.

Historical Child Abuse: Watch Home Affairs Select Committee Live

Streamed live on Nov 11, 2014

UK Home Secretary Theresa May dissolved the original inquiry panel into Child Sexual Abuse. February 7, 2015


GOOD NEWS !!! UBUNTU Contributionism in South Africa is TAKING OFF !!!

Hopefield, Western Cape, South Africa.

Calling on Action in South Africa 

We have an opportunity for anyone who wants to get off the grid. 

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We plan to grow food and live closely following the philosophy of Contributionism by Ubuntu Party

When you ready to take action please contact:
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There is connection available to Eskom electricity however they charge about R400-800 per month rental before even any consumption of electricity.

Water can be drawn manually from the well, so electricity is not that essential for the pump at all times, however a better quality of water is available by using the pump, in as far as drinking water is concerned.

More about Hopefield

Hopefield is a settlement in West Coast District Municipality in the Western Cape province of South Africa on the R27 between Malmesbury and Vredenburg.The town is east of Saldanha Bay and Langebaan, 40 km southeast of Vredenburg and 120 km north of Cape Town.

The Dutch Reformed congregation (Zoutrivier) was established December 1851 and the town was founded in 1852 on the farm Langekuil, it became a municipality in 1914. Named after two people who laid it out, Major William Hope, Auditor-General, and a Mr Field.

The Air Force Base Langebaanweg, 22km west from town, as well as the West Coast Fossil park 25km west from town, falls within town limits.

There are two schools in town, Hopefield Primary, presenting Gr1-7, a fully state sponsored school and Hopefield High, presenting Gr1-12, a semi-state school with minimal sponsorship from government.

The pre-1994 coloured area of the town is called Oudekraalfontein with a population of 2903 (2001 census).

In earlier years this, now small, town was considered the capital of the West Coast. With banks, filling stations and multiple other shops and businesses. The only access to the towns of Vredenburg, Langebaan and Saldanha was through Hopefield. With the re-routing of the R27, passing the town on the outside and the construction of the R45 (West Coast Road) the infra structure of the down gradually shrunk till the point were the town is today.

Fynbos and fossil country

Surrounded by delicate fynbos and waving green wheat in winter, Hopefield is an historic town on the West Coast. Just 120km from Cape Town and inland from Langebaan, it lies at the heart of the arid Sandveld, with the Zoute River running through it.

As the West Coast’s oldest town, it’s not surprising Hopefield has an old world atmosphere too. Its origins date back to 1851, when farmers donated money to build the majestic whitewashed Dutch Reformed Church – and the century old organ is still played on Sundays.

Hopefield has a year round natural fynbos display, and is also renowned for its vibrant and indigenous spring daisies that appear after winter rains during August and September. Added to the over 500 different species of fynbos that naturally occur here, this area is an Eden for botanists and flora lovers. Fine fynbos honey is also produced here.

Every August, the popular Hopefield Fynbos Show depicts the breathtaking and diverse flora of the region. To see indigenous flora at ground level, hikers can walk the Langrietvlei and Helderwater trails on farms near the town.


Fossils excavated from Elandsfontein, near Saldanha Bay, are on display in a small fossil museum at the Visitor Information Centre in the main street. A replica of the hominid skull Saldanha Man – also called the Saldanha skull or Elandsfontein skull – can be seen here too. Further along the street is an example of an intriguing Hartebeeshuisie, one of the traditional reed houses for which the area is well known. Fynbos, fossils, honey and traditional homesteads are just the beginning of Hopefield’s unique attractions.

Article source:  

A little RESPITE in the Storm. The Hampstead information is hard going...

The information about the Hampstead child sexual abuse and ritual baby sacrifice cult is so heavy...  
So exhausting...  So sad...  So troubling...

Many of us can't take rest, WON'T take rest until the children are restored again to their waiting mother Ella Draper and her Russian parents, to return home once again to their Russian Homelands.


We won't rest until we get it...  for ALL 20 children of Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead, and out all over Britain where these EVILS exist.  

We hold the fiery SWORD of MIGHT and RIGHT.  

We will NEVER be destroyed.  

The HUMAN SPIRIT is far too strong !!!

In the meantime, may there be brief respite....

This is one of my favourite songs.

We make it a wish for these two young ones also...  our little Kin folk whose heart-home is with the Vedrus* of the Russian steppes.

Anastasia...  Keep these little ones in your care. Their burdens are great.
Thank you.

* Anastasia has also communicated with me personally. She's a great wisdom-keeper.

"Ask and you shall receive."

We send this song to you babies now...  for all you have lost and will never find again.

May you find peace in the arms of your loving grandparents and heal well...  over time...

Aragorn's Sleepsong

In his dreams, Aragorn is taken back to the days of "lou lie lou lay" and the distant memory of his mother's love. In this dreamlike state, he is surrounded by the love of all those "angels" and companions who guard and guide him during the quest to save Middle-earth from disaster. 

And indeed... we are at the precipice looking into the face of "great disaster".

We are bound to go lower into the depths of this.

It is a part of the GREAT CLEANSING where ALL is brought to LIGHT.


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I'm actually not interested in money at all.
I would rather live in a world without money.
It is the root of so many evils.

I embrace the "UBUNTU Contribution" philosophy that states:

- Michael Tellinger, South Africa.

This is how I attempt to live my life, to the best of my ability.

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